Law Firm Mergers

Outspire Group can provide strategic help for law firms where a merger is planned, such as in a situation where a Partner wishes to retire, where departments wish to merge to pursue new strategic models within their business. We can also provide advice where a merger is required because a law firm is heading in the direction of administration.

Outspire Group manages a portfolio of clients and enquiries relating to merger activity whereby interested parties require help to broker efficient and expeditious negotiations to adopt mergers for reasons such as those explained above.

These brokered negotiations can be under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and clients can discuss these portfolios and negotiations with Outspire Group in the strictest confidentiality as well as to discuss the diverse portfolio packages we offer in this respect.

Outspire Group thus provides the facilitation of a process where a panel of interested law firms looking to merge and acquire other law firms as part of future strategies can communicate and negotiate with one another.

The business strategy solution Outspire Group can provide here is the ability to:

  • Formulate a strategic plan to identify an appropriate type of merger with clear objectives
  • Identify the best merger partner for your firm
  • Detail key issues to clarify during negotiations
  • Effectively present the impact of the merger internally and externally to hinder resistance
  • Develop effective marketing and re-branding strategies